Program Management

Great project management can now be outsourced in today’s e-commerce world. If you don’t want the burden of keeping great PM’s on staff hire us to help you weather the ups and downs of the utility services industry. We can assist with everything from project kick off meetings, where we define scope, refine details of the project and identify the deliverables, to peak shaving because you may have bitten off more than you can chew, and you can’t hire fast enough to solve for specific problems. The following is a list of some of the services we can provide:

  • Develop processes that streamline deliverables.
  • Business expansion – will assist larger companies that currently don’t work in the dry utility space. We will leverage our teams consider experience in the market to help define and create the business to branch out from traditional engineering.
  • Easement / right of way acquisition. For areas that have limited right of way we will assist with acquiring the necessary owner permissions
  • Implementing project tracking, assisting companies with establishing milestones for projects, and helping setup the required tracking mechanism that can be used in all geographic areas simultaneously using GIS and web-based programs.
  • Feasibility studies are a most critical component to the beginning of a project. Companies often don’t have the time themselves to critically look at a project they want to build. First rate feasibility studies are key to a successful project. Let us help you plan a great project, setup milestone tracking, and budgets
  • Construction Management and Construction Inspection, allows us to provide a level of comfort for the client that their infrastructure was built to the specifications listed on the plan.

Energy and Building System Services

Intelligent strategies and full implementation services for the development of energy efficient (EE) Systems, renewable energy generation, and smart energy management systems. Including:

  • Design and implementation of energy efficiency (EE) projects.
  • Design and implementation of renewable energy projects (Solar, Wind, Geothermal and stream) and power purchase agreements (PPA).
  • Perform annual energy audits, energy performance contracting (EPC), measurement, and verification (M&V) evaluation services.
  • Real time energy management, curtailment, and demand responses.
  • Bill Management services, and utility tariff analysis.
  • Retro – commissioning services
  • Identifying existing and future utility rebates, as well as state and federal incentives.
  • Building energy star and benchmarking energy performance.
  • Construction, project and program management.

Utility Coordination and design

Great utility coordination and design is the core strength of what we do. Accurate, knowledgeable, and experienced Utility Coordination will save companies vast amounts of time and money. At the heart is our understanding of more than just the dry utility space. Our designers are experts in water design, waste water design, storm water management, SUE and road design. The following is a list of our core competencies:


  • Utility Impact analysis for road widening, new construction, etc…
  • Coordination – assisting state, local, or private entities with coordinating with utility companies that need to determine the correct sequence of construction in order to move their utility at the right time, in the right way.
  • Mitigating relocation costs – our team will take a holistic look at all of the ways in which we can save money for our client, including a value-added approach which will keep the cost of the relocation down.
  • Permit Acquisition and expediting services.


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